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You see, The Midnight Meat Train serves as little more than a feeding den for age old monsters; founders of earth. What do they eat? Humans, of course. He stalks the New York subway systems when the sun has set, and the unsuspecting head home for a little rest and relaxation. The fit never make it their: they become entrees for the vile underworld. Well, most do. In the case of Leon Kaufman, life is about to change drastically. His horrific transition begins after a long night of office work, when he enters the wrong Sub car. After stumbling upon a string of carefully carved corpses, he meets the menacing Mahogany, face-to-face.

Talk about a transfixing short, The Midnight Meat Train should rank at the top of your discussion pool. This story is frantic in its pacing, relentless in its violence and extremely graphic in all its bloody nature. Barker manages to turn the subway system into a functioning Hell, and he does so with elegantly crafted storytelling that should impress all fans of the genre.

Do yourself two favors: seek out this story, and avoid the subway stations… for the rest of your life. Yet the territory ahead is, by virtue of the fact that it is new, also exciting and extraordinary.

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I generally do start where someone else would finish. It would almost finish with Jacqueline telling her husband to shut up, that would almost be the punchline of the story, only like the second or third paragraph of the story.

Book of Blood () - IMDb

And we've still got another twenty pages of adventures to be had. I'm much more interested in that than I am in the simple little revelation and we're out. My thing's always pushing stuff to the limit and that's one of the reasons that the stories are so long, many of them are novella length, and one of the reasons is to push the subject matter all the time, further and further and further.

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And when I can push it no further, I stop. I can push the thing quite a distance!

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Not because I feel I've moved beyond that, merely because if you do six books of short stories on the trot you begin to think that you've had enough of it I also became aware that I was reaching the limits of what I felt I could do with it. I know the selling thing has proved that you can make big bucks doing the same things many times over. Nevertheless, that's not something I'm tempted to do at all. Doing the second three, I was aware that I was doing the last three, and that I was going to go out through it. At the very end, in the last story, which was the last story I wrote, it gets autobiographical when I say 'It was a great relief to tell the story.

Not because he wanted to be remembered, but because the telling relieved him of the tale. It no longer belonged to him, that life, that death. He had better business, as did they all.

Revisiting Clive Barker’s ‘Books of Blood’ (Volume One Review)

Roads to travel; splendours to drink down. I find there's a kind of eroticism that comes with my stuff. In the 'Books of Blood', for instance, the rearrangement of the flesh is kind of celebrated. After all, here we are sitting together, growing old, our flesh minutely changing outside our control; our bodies responding to the alcohol we're taking in; our organs, for all we know, growing tumorous.

The flesh can decide to get sick, to get upset, to make us desire. The gangster mutilates himself and flings himself into the river and our hero How does he deal with that transformation? Now there's the metaphor, there's the problem. But he does have a solution. So those metaphors are about sexuality, they're about old age, they're about loneliness, they're about disease. They're about all the things which have always haunted horror stories, but whereas some horror writers choose simply to goose us with the thrill, there are some who try to present us with physical metaphors or internal conditions which can pertain to our lives.

And it turned on the possibilities, of one point at which this cancer which walks and talks and does Dumbo, Astaire and a great Monroe and a wonderful John Wayne, says I am a dreaming disease, no wonder I love the movies. So I guess that would be the cinematic equivalent [of the quote, 'Everyone's a book of blood; whenever we're opened we're red.

Bataille's Story of the Eye being inspirational] Absolutely, of course! And isn't that a great book? Blood Work Michael Connelly. Anna Dressed in Blood Kendare Blake. Blood rites Barbara Ehrenreich.


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