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Unless you have a modern version of firefox which seems to remember form data prior to submission. In any case, what you really want is something that neatly informs you that you've missed something. The way to do this on the web is to use Javascript. Disclaimer The technique I'm going to use here is an old one. If you're a seasoned Javascript developer, you'll certainly have much better methods.

I'm not trying for an elegant solution, I'm just trying to do something simple. A word of caution: Javascript is case sensitive, so be sure to check your case very very carefully. It can save hours of debugging afterwards. About our Example Form In order to explain this example, we need to have a form that we can display on the web. For the purpose of display, I'm going to assume that we have this simple form. It has three fields on it. The validation rule that we're going to apply is simply that no field can be blank.

Both fields are to be mandatory. You should notice that each field has three bits that should be modified; The alert message telling you what is wrong The if f. So now, you should have a form you can use. I've always wanted to discuss Domino development from this angle but have shied away as I don't know what the interest would be. I am developing intranet applications for a major company in the pharmacutical industry. Domino is not the only development platform here. A bug like this is not a thing that strengthen Domino as a developing platform. A bug like this and a response like Lotus' is nothing short of a scandal.

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I completely agree that IBM's response is a lousy cop-out and the weasel-person who authorised it should be beaten with an old MSDN cd. But then I imagine all development platforms have mind-boggling bugs where the supplier claims they are the fault of something else out of their control , certainly the ones I have worked on have, e. I don't think you do yourself justice with this one.

Request Scope Data Array IBM Domino Designer

Although I'm sure there are times when you would use a JS button over a formula, I think the error has more to do with how you call the submit. By calling document. Is this the case? If not, either through your use of the submit method, or as a result of browsers not calling the onsubmit code in response to submit , then it appears that the fault is either in the browser or your code.

Granted that Lotus' response sounds lame, but it suggests that it is a result of onsubmit, and therefore doClick not being called. What happens if you call doClick directly, assuming you can work out the button reference? What happens if you call onsubmit instead of submit? Which is how I would normally code my buttons. Will go and check this now. You could have solved the bug a whole lot easire than I or jerome Show the rest of this thread.

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Kind of defeats the whole object. Would a cleaner solution be to create a subform, put a button on it that does something irrelevant, and always call the onclick method of that button. That way, you always satisfy Domino's internal processing, have an opportunity to do other JS processing if required, and have a subform that you can place on all forms.

Mat Newman

Otherwise your having to remember to code the hidden checkbox each time you do it. I also wonder what other side effects occur as a result of not using the doClick to complete the form processing. I recognise that Lotus may just use submit themselves in Quickplace, but who's to say they have the right solution.

I hate the hacks that involve hiding a Domino generated element and somehow referencing it other code. I know that adding the extra textfield may be equally perverse but I feel it's a much better fix.

Online Domino Designer 7 Javascript 2006

The only real solution has to come from IBM. Firstly by admitting it's a bug and then by fixing it! Should i disable javascript in this database or change the code and how? Just imagine this. I have a form with a checkbox that is only visible in visible under certain circumstances, eg. The document gets edited on the web and when it's submitted the checkbox value doesn't get posted.

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As result domino would reset the checkbox to empty! In my humble opinion, there is no reason why this information should change the way the server works. For example I add 2 buttons to a form and a select box that hides or unhides a section of the document when changed. When it's submitted with the first button, it will see the document has to be saved and then return to the homepage. When submitted with the second, it will not save the document and only return to the homepage and when I change the select option it will submit and return in edit mode with the section added or removed.

A possible solution would be to respond on the form. One runs fine, the other has a bug but both should save the document: you say "A possible solution would be to respond on the form. The difference is that the straight JavaScript submit does not invoke the DocumentContext of the document as served. It does use the form, yes, but it does not look at the form's "served state" -- what was hidden, etc.

In fact, the form that is actually submitted to the database using a submit action does not have to exist as a usable HTML form in the database, and therefore may not have a "served state". Okay, before I get the chance to test some of what you've said Stan I will have to go along with it and assume you're right.

So where does this leave us? Are IBM right to pass if off as a "browser limitation"? I really don't think so. If there is a "limitation" anywhere it's with Domino. The browser's just doing its job and sending field values back and forth. What gives Big Blue the right to pick on it?? That's not a good test. Computed subforms on the web are only computed when the form is opened.

You're better off trying another way to make the fields present or absent. PS: now, i know why most of the lotus applications that use formula buttons generate HTML for all the fields. For a form, yes -- but there is no document extant in your example. The served state of the document is null, so placing the original document values in the form results in null entries.

If the values are not sent from the browser, then Domino has to get them from the saved state -- the "persistent" state, if you will. If the document is saved at any point along the way, the field values will "stick" without "generate HTML for all fields". Could Domino maintain an in-memory or a serialized state for every form opened? Possibly, but that would reduce scalability to nil. That is precisely the problem with checkboxes -- the value has already "stuck".

I'm not saying that the behaviour Domino exhibits is the best of all possible worlds -- it's just the way it DOES work, and until it works any other way, we have to learn to live with it. In software, there is a fine line between a "bug" and a "feature". I would rather have to do a little something extra explicitly than to have my existing checkboxes cleared by a form that had no checkboxes to begin with. THAT would be a bug. You posted your response to the blog while I was writing the articles. What's they say about great minds think alike??

The annoying thing about Lotus's response, is that in Technote they actually tell you to submit a form using the submit method.

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It is nice to see fixing one problem can cause another. I showed him the same solution as the one you describe, as he insisted on using his own submit. I prefer a different solution which combines the power of both Formula buttons and custom client-side JavaScript. I use an Formula button which allows me to do things like. Event code in JavaScript is just another data object which can be manipulated. One day Lotus may let us do this properly by have two events for a button. Client side custom JavaScript which runs first, then if the custom JavaScript returns true the automatic domino submit runs, followed by the server-side Formula.

I tried it in R6 client web preview only with a checkbox field on a form with a simple submit and it seemed to work ok. Anyone else tried? Just two years after my last posting I can confirm that the old preR6 behaviour is back and I've just had to implement the original solution by Jake on a system that's been working fine under R6.

Nevertheless ,here is one thing you can do ,kinda workaround. It is something similar to what have been suggested in previous threads. Create another button and access the object genereated by previous button Formulae button using ID or name in Javascript and invoke it's onclick event. Thanks for the explanation, I have been searching for an explanation to this odd behavior for a long time.

I came across your site a few days ago and found so many interesting articles that I am regular visitor to your site.

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More often than not the search used to end in agent timeout error, I was frustrated until I came across the simple solution that you suggested. I've always created a button with the formula filesave and FileClosewindow. By putting in the style property display:none; the button is invisible. You can then reference the button by document. This allows you to do what ever you require in javascript, then use notes to generate the code to do the rest. Thanks for that Cabous. We have IBM's redesign to thank for this one. Breaking the golden rule of web design - creating s.

Fixed now, anyway This is not a good solution if parts of the form are masked from a formula which checks if the checkbox value is different than "". One of the things you'll need to know to make Ethereal work for you is how to construct capture filter strings. You can find the relevent documentation for this here:. I came searching through looking for something to simply help me configure it to filter on port Fortunately, Jake had a link to the ethereal site which in turn links to the above in the FAQ.

Cleverly, using a combination of Input Translation and javascript, the checkbox value is now saving properly for me. Note this is for single value checkboxes i. I tried this when explained to me by someone reading out this solution and it just did not work. I got them to send me the link and found the "important" step I missed.

lotus notes - Cannot create javascript class in Domino Designer script library - Stack Overflow

Thank you for this article, after one hour lost in finding the reason of this behaviour, I have found useful your solution. Disabled items are not "successful" and are not submitted back to the server. Thus Domino thinks "You didn't tell me checkbox1 was still set so you must have unset it". The checkbox then loses its value.

So the solution described here still works in that situation - or do as I do and undisable the checkbox as part of the submit process. Try making the checkbox field, "Refresh on Keyword Change", there will be certain checkboxes which won't retain the checked state during a refresh without the fix given above. Tonight, it was the checkbok, um, "limitation".

I'm using Dojo's xhrPost to submit my form. This allows me to use the web query save to validate the form on the server side and return any error messages, if there are any. I started noticing a strange occurrence. When I un-selected a checkbox, the empty value wasn't being returned to the server. I'm going to start my own blog to try to give back to the community.