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In the era of stringent corporate governance new regulatory requirements have made tighter internal control as standard compliance across the globe. All organization irrespective of size are struggling to comply with these regulations and managing the risk. The cost and effort to establish,maintain and prove compliance demand both money and time which can be invested for more value addition rather than value protection.


For many organization the technology solutions is to try automation using standard office tools such as spreadsheet which in spite of its low cost advantage may become a part of problem rather than a compliance solution. Fortunately newly available software platform that have become known as the GRC technology can help streamline the automation.

This white paper pertains to one of the most accountable control automation tool:SAPAccess Control and details its implementation methodology. Executive Summary 4. He who cannot obey himself will be commanded. That is the nature of living creatures. Socite General…. Corporate Governance, Risk management and Compliance as individual issues where the most fundamental concerns of Business and its Top leaders. What's new is Integrated GRC. It an approach the organization practices and the various roles the board and the senior management, line management and rest of the organization play in relation to oversight, strategy risk management and strategy execution regarding compliance with laws and regulations and internal policies and procedures.

Introduction Sarbanes Oxley Compliance was a result of such Scandals. Also known as the Public CompanyAccounting Reform and Investor Protection Act of and commonly called SOX,it is a controversial United States federal law passed in response to a number of major corporate and accounting scandals. Signed by Congress on July 30, its overall purpose is to protect investors by improving the accuracy and reliability of corporate disclosures made pursuant to the securities laws. Access related problems in organizations.

For this purpose the necessity is to make an automated approach to implement the rules and policies of SOX compliance. SAP is in process of addressing the various compliance and risk management issues across the verticals with the development of automated solutions. One of the Solutions they have developed comprises GRC Access Control an application that handles sustainable prevention of segregation of duties violations. By implementing the automated Access control solution, it will provide the enablement to fulfill the requirements of SOX compliance without any SoD violation and its severity.

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A primary internal control intended to prevent or decrease the risk of errors or irregularities by assigning conflicting duties to different personnel. End to end access SoD Actual job titles and organizational structure may vary greatly from one organization to another, depending on the size and nature of the business. With the concept of SoD,business critical duties can be categorized into four types of functions:authorization,custody,record keeping and reconciliation. In a perfect system, no one person should handle more than one type of functions. The Roles and Responsibilities for the function should be divided in such a way that one person does not have full right over the function that the risk of malicious activity of manipulation of the function is reduced.

Get comprehensive and certified SAP integration with Identity Manager

The more critical the function is, greater and clearer Segregation of Duties should be. If any individual has access rights to creation and modification,he can create and after getting it reviewed, he can modify it to do some fraudulent exercises. Similarly if an individual has creation and deletion rights he can create, initiate payment and later delete any transaction logs that can track his activity.

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Segregation of Duties deals with access controls. Access Control ensures that one individual should not have access to two or more than two incompatible duties.

SAP GRC Training - MSMP Workflow Introduction - SAP GRC 10.1 Complete video based course

In the increased regulatory environment, companies cannot afford to waste time and money hoping that a manual approach will satisfy their audit requirements. Companies now seek a comprehensive, automated approach to help them quickly resolve the SoD challenges without disrupting their business. SAP Access Control SAP GRC Access Control delivers a comprehensive, cross-enterprise set of Access Control that enables all corporate compliance stakeholders -- including business managers, auditors, and IT security managers -- to collaboratively define and oversee proper SoD enforcement, enterprise role management, compliant provisioning,and Superuser privilege management.

By empowering business users to check for risks in real time and automating user administration, the applications make risk prevention a continuous,proactive process.

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The implementation process starts from installation and configuration of Compliance Calibrator. In line with the SoD Management Process, Business Process Owners identify any fraudulent or accidental corruption activity, subjected to access and authorization or SoD risks and then implement the necessary mitigation controls on them.

Next, during implementation of Role Expert, through Role Designer we design the role designation methodology of the organization. In Access Enforcer implementation, we define workflows. Workflows are meant for channelizing the different work processes into structured,transparent and automated manner.

At last, Fire Fighter is implemented which endow selected users with exceptional rights. To ensure risk occurrence, all the activities of users with fire fighter rights are logged and documented.


You need to login from your service marketplace ID. It will ask for your Customer Number or Installation Number. Risk Analysis and Remediation provides real-time compliance around the clock and prevents security and controls violations before they occur. Once deployed, business managers can analyze real-time data, find hidden issues and help ensure the effectiveness of access and authorization controls across the enterprise.

SAP GRC (Governance Risk Compliance)

BPX along with implementation consultant and BPO will architect solutions to address requirement gaps. Businesses can automate provisioning, test for SoD issues, streamline approvals, and reduce the workload for IT staff. Apart from creation and management of Roles it also takes care of Risks associated with different Roles, Segregation of Duties, and Generation of types of reports useful for management and auditors and also the mitigation of risks.

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Permanent Record Edward Snowden Inbunden. Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. This book provides cross-enterprise configuration instructions and best practices for SAP GRC Access Control implementations in companies with multi-system architectures. The author provides the implementation strategies, configuration steps, and best practices necessary to implement and manage a global access control, risk remediation, and compliance framework across a multi-system landscape, including non-SAP and legacy systems.