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  1. Social Science History: Society and Science History TimeLine
  2. Philosophy of science
  3. 2. Rationality and History: Some Basic Questions
  4. Between Utopia and Reality: The Practical Discourses of International Relations
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From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy muse. Configure custom resolver. Conceptualizing Epistemic Oppression. Kristie Dotson - - Social Epistemology 28 2 Alison M. A Polyvocal Body. Rebecca J. Levi - - Journal of Religious Ethics 43 2 Homeric Voices: Discourse, Memory, Gender.

Elizabeth Minchin - - Oxford University Press. Malterud - - Journal of Medical Ethics 24 6 Wang Xiaomei - manuscript. Lori Seller - unknown. Reframing AI Discourse. Deborah G. Anthem Press. Autonomy, Consent and the Law. Sheila McLean - - Routledge-Cavendish.

Social Science History: Society and Science History TimeLine

Diana Tietjens Meyers - - Signs Barbara Secker - - Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 24 1 — Autonomous Voices of the First Nations. Autonomy and False Beliefs. Suzy Killmister - - Philosophical Studies 2 Secondary-Cause Autonomy and Divine Motivation. Added to PP index Total views 16 , of 2,, Recent downloads 6 months 10 , of 2,, How can I increase my downloads? It was related to the Strepean, Chellean and Acheulean ages. River man was followed by Middle Paleolithic or older cave man - Upper Paleolithic or newer cave man - and then Post-Glacial man.

The scraper on the cover was one of 32 worked flints found in "a clearly datable stratigraphic context" in the "Cromer Forest-bed Formation" at Pakefield, Suffolk, in Britain. The Somme valley in northern France is developed on an Upper Cretaceous Chalk bedrock continuous with that under the Thames and has has terrace system in its middle part about 70 km long. Between Amiens and Abbeville, ten stepped alluvial formations nappes alluviales have been described.

Map extract from Pleistocene fluvial terraces from northern France Seine, Yonne, Somme : synthesis, and new results from interglacial deposits , by Antoine and others In the area of Amiens, the river terraces tiered system of Somme includes ten fossil alluvial the oldest the highest was set up there more than a million years.

These deposits are generally decalcified, with little wildlife, except at Abbeville. See also his thesis: Les terrasses quaternaires du bassin de la somme. On the basis of terrace stratigraphy, ESR-quartz dating, and biostratigraphic data, these fluvial deposits are allocated to MIS Handaxes discovered at the base of the slope deposits, directly overlying the fluvial sequence, can be, as a first hypothesis, allocated to MIS They are thus due to Homo heidelbergensis according to the age of the eponymous Mauer site in Germany.

Dating the earliest human occupation of Western Europe: New evidence from the fluvial terrace system of the Somme basin Northern France by Pierre Antoine , Emmanuelle Stoetzel and others Neanderthal developed in Europe and homo erectus in Africa. The picture shows a racial depiction of the separation in a s Children's Encyclopedia. The separation of "ape men" from "true men" is shown as equivalent to, or greater than, that separating humans from gorillas and chimpanzees. True men then divide into two distinct lines - black negro - negroid - australoid and white european - mongoloid.

This distinction is shown as equivalent to that between orang-utangs and gorillas. A group of individuals that actually or potentially interbreed in nature is considered the same species, however different appearances. See early human gene exchange. About , to , years ago Wooden spears made of spruce of from an ancient lakeshore hunting ground. In the s Dietrich Mania excavated "three round ground plans of dwellings with hearths by their entrances".

He "found large stones arranged in a circular manner. He thought that it probably was a base for a dwelling. However, ring-center analysis showed that the site was an open air site. Gamble proposed that humans congregated at the site around the fire ". Stone chopping tools of small size, mainly flint.

Numerous bone tools include hoes, scrapers , point and gougers. Some hoes made of antler or ivory. Some wooden artefacts preserved. In , Ireland celebrated four extinct residents: the brown bear not cave bear , the mammoth , the wolf and the Irish elk. The stamps and the animals are discussed on paleophilatelie. Megaloceros , the Irish elk, represents the Quaternay in the Sydenham display.

But the Mousterian hunters had Technology moved its emphasis from fashioning cores to fashioning flakes. At the peak, Northern Hemisphere winters were generally warmer and wetter than now. The hippopotamus was distributed as far north as the rivers Rhine and Thames. Wikipedia - and further north: Bones from a hippopotamus, and some from rhinoceros and elephant , were dug up in Derby in They are now in the Derybshire Museum's new nature gallery. A large number of sites in Britain are attributed to Marine Isotope Stage 5e, mainly on the basis of hippopotumus remains.

None show signs of humans. Natural History Museum Harry William Whanslaw's picture shows "river-drift men" hunting the "straight-tusked elephant of prehistoric time". An attempt to depict migrations from Madison Coonan's website. From the Near East, these populations spread east to South Asia by 50, years ago , and on to Australia by 40, years ago , when for the first time H.

Philosophy of science

The bones were visually reassembled as a skeleton , which gave the basis for an artist's impression. See phase 2. See polished stone axe There seems to be more ideology than science in the distinction between "homo sapiens" and "homo neanderthalensis". Named after Brno. Arguably first presence of Homo sapiens in Europe.

The site consists of two rock shelters. It has given its name to the Mousterian tool culture. Dated remains in Italy and Britain. Wikipedia article on dog. Dog like skull 36, years ago , remains near humans 17, to 16, years ago. Wolf or dog drawing 19, years ago. Also later estimates. See Songs of the Caves - initial report about 40, years ago Age of Feldhofer 1 or Neanderthal 1 discovered in the Neandertal valley in Germany in August See Wikipedia: Neanderthal 1 Femme de la race de Neanderthal. He has dated art in this group to 40, years ago leading to it being described as the world's oldest cave art - See Matthew MacEgan - Nature - National Geographic - BBC dating the region -.

Art News The photograph is from the website of fahrrad-tour. It shows The figure of the lion human, an ivory carving from the tusk of a mammoth displayed in the Museum of Ulm. The same page shows caves where figures have been discovered. Include cave bears. About 35, years ago , Carleton S Coon begins his "second phase of history" "the skilled hunter and healer", when "man covers the face of the earth". Ending "about BC with the invention of agricuture".

See 50,BC and phase 3. Wells Rutot called the new race Paleolithic and argued that it enslaved the Neandethals. About 30, years ago , modern homo sapiens entirely replaced earlier man-like forms. Weapons and tools of flint and bone survive along with female carved stone figures with exaggerated sexual features, suggesting fertility symbols and magical ceremonies.

Mentone caves. This last level immediately succeeds the latest Mousterian horizon in the cave. Don's maps. Toolmaking culture most closely associated with Venus figurines. The blade is 5. It was found in a Gravettian strata at Brassempouy Right: Four views of one burin , 5. A Encyclopedia focuses on the Mentone caves Italy rather than France, contrasting Cromagnon with Grimaldi man : "It ws not until the opening-up of the Mentone caves that our direct ancestors were found A Pictorial Encyclopedia mentions cave painting and tools and says:.

Peking - Piltdown - Neanderthal - Cromagnon. Head carved from mammoth ivory showing a person with an asymmetrical face, found in Dolni Vestonice, Southern Moravia. It is a face: "finely strung, lively, sympathetic and also suffering, a being which stood facing the world devout, pure and humble. This picture Everything points to the Ice Age hunter having depicted himself". Schenk, G. Also known as the Venus of Brassempouy. Acquisition number MAN 47 Maximum dimension 3. The Venus of Willendorf was found in Austria in It is thought to be a carving of a woman, without facial features, fat , with pendulous breasts and a huge, perhaps pregnant, belly.

Fragment of engraved reindeer metatarsal decorated on one surface with two reindeer, one of which is now incomplete. Length: 7. Width: 3. Thickness: 2 centimetres. Stored in the British Museum where the acquisition notes say "exacavated by both Christy and Lartet in ". French Wikipedia. Dieu cornu horned god or Sorcier sorcerer or chaman shaman. In animal skins and stag antlers. Upper wall above the entrance to the 20,, year-old grand gallery.

Petit Sorcier a l'Arc Musical Little sorcerer with musical bow , amongst animals in cm wide panel on right hand wall of Sanctuary. In this picture, the little sorcerer is rotated from vertical to horizontal to show it as a person disguised in animal skins stalking prey. See discussion by Simona Petru, Documenta Praehistorica 39 , "Man, animal or both - Problems in the interpretation of early symbolic behaviour".

Fossil evidence: On "the highest mountains" "shells, skeletons of fish and sea monsters" have been found, showing the sea once covered them. Animals are found "far from their native areas": Elephants in England. Crocodiles in Germany. Edwin Rice Coder and Howe's The Bible, Science and Creation , page 63 says "flood geology" dates creation to about 10, years ago "and relates most of the geological strata and fossil beds to the Flood". Tell es-Sultan: In Arabic, a tell is a tall hill. In Midle East Archaeology, a tell is a mound formed by the accumulated remains of ancient settlements.

Mesolithic tools from Britain. Scene of hunting of deer with bows and arrows. This included "eight distinct ages comparable to the Paleolithic and Mesolithic. Sometimes classical antiquity is used for the period of ancient Greece and Rome. Christian antiquity refers to the early centuries of the Christian church. Foundations of 25 buildings discovered in peat wetland by Robert Rudolf Schmidt in About 20 two-room houses with walls of split wooden posts. A much larger central building probably used for community acrivities.

Other buildings possibly for storage. A hunting community with wheat and barley fields and livestock. Small polished stone hatchets and bone tools found. Hearths and clay ovens in the houses. Unpainted pottery. Britannica "In prehistoric Europe the largest neolithic village yet known, Barkaer in Jutland, comprised 52 small, one-roomed dwellings, but 16 to 30 houses was a more normal figure; so the average local group in neolithic times would average to members".

Gordon Childe Contains pictographs of heads, feet, hands, numbers and threshing-boards. Now in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. About BC. Reign of Narmer in Egypt. The Narmer Palette left was discovered by James E. Quibell in in Hierakonpolis. On it, Narmer displaying the insignia of both Upper and Lower Egypt, giving rise to the theory that he unified the two kingdoms and was the founder of the first dynasty. Narmer is sometimes identified with Menes.

Papyrus, depicted on the Narmer Palette , is a plant that grew in the river Nile from which a writing material, also called papyrus, was made. A setlement from this period lay under the Ur flood deposit disovered by the archaeologist Leonard Woolley and announced in In Wooley believed the 3. Jona Lendering writes "It is likely Eridu is south of the later city of Ur. This are "was the birthplace of cities and of civilisation about 5, years ago and home to the Sumerians and the later Babylonians ".

Stuart Campbell, Manchester archeologist. See below. The first pyramid of Egypt. Said to have been designed by Imhotep, who may be the first architect whose name we know, and who was defied 2. The picture is taken from the Wikipedia website. Clicking on it will take you to more information. Noah took off the covering of the ark". Usher refering to Genesis See "evidences of the Deluge" and flood geology.

See Epic of Gilgamesh and Ur flood. Picture described as "Various animals entering the Ark built by Noah because of the great flood". Excavation of Tell Khaiber, 20 kilometres from Ur about BC "We provisionally date the site to around 2, BC, the time of the sack of the city and the fall of the last Sumerian royal dynasty. Metres above sea-level of lowest images from succeding periods ordered by type of ship : Period one : 25 metres.

Period two : 22 metres. Period three : metres. Period four to five : 18 metres. Scandinavian boat drawings have been interpreted as skin boats, planked boats, dugouts and rafts. All images with inturned prows and horizontal or slightly upturned keel extensions were 24 metes or more above sea level.

2. Rationality and History: Some Basic Questions

Ling page Baal meant lord, master, owner or husband in Semitic languages. It was also applied to Gods. The plural was Baalim. Baalim might own specific areas, being the Gods of specific peoples. The Jews also called God lord and believed he had a special relationship to them. However, they eventually believed in only one God monotheism who is master of all, and they believed that graven images should not be made of him. Vase painting BC in British Museum shows 4 oarsman, but 6 oars. Suggested there were 12 men, 6 oars each side, 3 men to a bench.

The Ramesseum in Thebes is the 'mortuary temple' of this Egyptian king. The Petrie Papyri were found beneath this. In periods four and five more elaborate "depictions of humans" Ling, page A large increase in the use of iron for tools and weapons took place from the neo-Assyrian period onwards. Jericho was in Israel. Around BC , Hiel is said to have rebuilt the walls. He laid its foundations at the cost of his firstborn son Abiram, and he set up its gates at the cost of his youngest son Segub, in accordance with the word of the LORD spoken by Joshua son of Nun" 1 Kings In the same period the first Upanishads were written.

It shows a six wheeled Assyrian battering ram with a metal tip. The metal tip may well have been of iron. See Haidar, D. Their father was the god of war, Mars. Abandoned, they were reared by a she wolf. Romulus murdered Remus before founding Rome. The stamp shows the bronze in the Capitoline Museum. Photo: Hallendorff and Schuck. This ship from Brandskog is the largest. Some have argued that it post-dates the Swedish bronze age Ling p. Coins developed independently in Anatolia and Greece, India and China around the 7th and 6th centuries BC, spreading rapidly in the 6th and 5th centuries through Greece and Persia See trade.

Ahuramazda has granted unto me this empire. Ahuramazda brought me help, until I gained this empire; by the grace of Ahuramazda do I hold this empire. Early years of the Roman Republic Burgess and Locke p. They say that "Among the Greeks the power of the head of the house was less absolute, since it was considered a trust to be administered for the welfare of the family. The Priestly texts are usually related to the reading of the law by Ezra. Pictured on vase of Argo. Plato argued that: truth and reason are external.

See stamps. Tacitus wrote about the Baltic tribes of Suioneso [Swedes? Their naval craft had bow and stern constructed alike, equally well suited for landing, The oars were not fastened along the sides, but left free and they did not use sails. Hallendorff and Schuck p. See Viking ships.

Between Utopia and Reality: The Practical Discourses of International Relations

Stone with engraved ship from the Roman iron age of the type described by Tacitus. Found in Uppland. The two centuries from AD to AD are a critical turning point in the Saint-Simonian system of history between the epoch with polytheist ideas and a society based on slavery, and that with "theological" ideas and a feudal organisation of society. He rebuilt Byzantium , which was renamed Constantinopolis Constantinople , which became the new capital of the Empire, tolerated Christianity and other religions, and promoted Christianity throughout the empire.

He called the First Council of Nicaea in at which the leaders of Christianity agreed unifying beliefs: the Nicene Creed, which was amended and extended in The modern reconstruction uses wood and thatch. Most houses are partially sunk in the ground. About to Muhammad. The Quran, the revelations of God to Muhammad from to , was compiled into a single book shortly after Muhammad's death. It is the primary source of Shariah law. A translation into English was made in See The Quran: The long journey into British life. Iron helmet from ship burial ground at Vendel in Uppland, Sweden.

Early Germanic law codes were oral compilations of custom. Under contact with Rome, and literate civilisation, these laws began to be set down from the 7th century on. Medieval Sourcebook. The Abbasids obtained the secret of papermaking from Chinese prisoners. See Wikipedia Islam during the Tang dynasty It is also suggested that the Abbasid army brought back sugar cane from northern India.

These fast ships had the strength to survive ocean crossings while having a draft of as little as 50cm 20 inches , allowing navigation in very shallow water". William R. Short at Hurstwic , Massachussets. The Ghana Empire or Wagadou Empire in West Africa existed from before about until about The history of hourglass shaped talking drums can be traced back to the Ghana Empire. They may have migrated from the Sahara into the forested region around the 11th century. Microscope slides reveal that thee York coprolite came from someone who mainly ate meat and bread and who was infested with worms.

British Library Woodblock printing made the written word available to many more people during the Tang Dynasty to in China Wikipedia: History of printing in East Asia. Killed by the Great Heathen Army. Greenstead Church booklet published about "the heathen Danes invaded When he stoutly refused he was tied to a tree, shot with arrows and afterwards beheaded The body of the martyred King was enshrined at Bedriceworth, modern Bury St Edmunds, and was greatly revered".

See coins - - - - Saint George. The Chronicle was begun in Alfred's reign about and one copy continued to be updated to Marc Bloch's Feudal Society covers the period roughly from the middle of the ninth century to the first decades of the 13th in western and central Europe. He divides the period into a first and second feudal age, separated by "profound and widespread changes" towards the middle of the eleventh century The High Middle Ages was the period of European history around the 11th , 12th , and 13th centuries.

Wikipedia The two centuries from to are a critical turning point in the Saint-Simonian system of history between the epoch with "theological" ideas and a feudal organisation of society and that with positive, scientific ideas and an industrial social organisation. On the way back in they may have rested in a Saxon timber church at Greensted.

The timber nave wall of the present church may be the oldest surviving wooden church in the world, but counting the rings gives a date after In ships like this the last succesful invaders crossed the channel] See French - Latin - Old English. One of the reasons for this was that quill pens began to be cut at an angle, making it easier to produce these shapes.

The term gothic German was used in the 17th century to distinguish this style of writing from the French Carolingian. Gothic then was applied to the architecture of the period. These rocks in ancient times were earth and mud, and the conchs and. Mongolian peace? Genghis Khan established the Mongol Empire in It rapidly expanded by invasion and by stretched from Korea to Central Europe. Political stability re-established " silk road " trade between east and west. Wikipedia timeline of the Mongol Empire. The Early English Period in architecture was the 13th century according to Panoyre and Ryan or the reign of Richard 1st to according to the originator of the term Thomas Rickman "guild-masters and journeyman" - " Towns were growing rapidly In a craft guild, a worker started as an apprentice unpaid trainee , might become a journeyman paid by the day , and finally might become a master.

In ships like this Christians sailed to fight what they regarded as holy wars against Islam. The drawing is based on the Dover seal of ] By muslims had re-captured all the territory in Syria held by the Crusaders. Early English parish chirch from Panoyre and Ryan about "Holy church is a house of prayer, born of heaven Christ does it call, to worship therein our saviour". In this the Mongols are believed to be using Chinese gunpowder bombs. It became the central Hanseatic trading city.

The ship on its seal has similar features to Swedish boats 2, years before. This has been reconstructed as the Kamper Kogge. Cogs were cargo ships operating from about to , mainly in the Baltic and North Sea for the Hanseatic League. They could carry heavy cargoes of cloth, salt, fish, butter, wine, furs, grain, wax, beer, copper, iron, oil, flax and similar goods.

The traditional gold background gives a flat feeling that contrasts with the diagonals on the floor which use geometrical perspective to create depth. Further outbreaks England in , , , , and during first half of the 15th century. Ornamental gardens and civilisation "The creation of ornamental gardens indicates a degree of civilisation and a settled economy Such conditions had obtained in China long before the Christian era and also for a long time in Persia, whence they spread to Turkey about A.

At best it is 99 years and were Jesus to have been born in December AD1 as we celebrate it unlikely , it is nearer 98 years. Why is the eg seventeenth century so called? Because it ends with so that is what it is! Mind you, this is a common mistake, after all the entire world celebrated the millennium a year early so you are not alone!

The ancient regime in France ended with the French Revolution in It is the revolutionaries term for the social and political order they abolished. But when did it begin? Wikipedia dates it from the 15th century. Others date it from She sailed from Norfolk to the continent in the Autumn of and followed the Rhine River to Switzerland, and then followed paths over the Alps to Italy, arriving in Venice in January and spent thirteen weeks, leaving in April She travelled from Venice to the Holy Land by sailing in a galley a ship moved mainly by oars probably to Jaffa, arriving in May.

On a mule or donkey she travelled through Ramlah to Jerusalem and visited Bethlehem. Returning to Italy she stayed in Assisi before going to Rome, where she arrived in September Leaving Rome in Easter , she travelled home though Middelburg in today's Netherlands , and sailed from Zealand to England probably Yarmouth on a two day voyage in a small ship in mid-May Sources 1 - 2.

See Die Familie About Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press but see China - Which is probably why the middle of the 15th century is the most popular date for starting "modern history" see above - Another suggested start is towards the end of the sixtenth century - - Although the Penguin Dictionary of Modern History starts in and finishes in ! The Capitoline Museums trace their history back to this. The museums are mainly from and about Rome. Richard 3rd , last of the Plantagenets, replaced by Henry 7th , first of the English Tudor monarchs.

A skeleton believed to be that of Richard 3rd was disinterred in Leicester in September Richard's identity was "proved" by his mitochondrial DNA , handed down in an unbroken chain through the female line from his sister to two living relatives. He visited Haiti. The shape of South America, however, resulted in Portugal claiming what became Brazil. The grant was conditional on their converting the natives to Christianity.

Part of the Hunt of the Unicorn tapestry, dyed with weld yellow , madder red , and woad blue. Dating from between and Bethlem "The earliest recorded uses of colour by man were from pigments from plant extracts". Early in the 16th century, Paracelsus studied alchemy and chemistry at Basel University and learned the properties of metals and minerals in mines. His unorthodox mystical theories lost him the position of town physician of Basel , but through empirical experiment in pursuit of his dreams he made new chemical compounds and changed medicine and pharmacy.

See mental health history. Paracelsus sought to analyse matter into three elements: sulphur , the principle of colour and combustibility; mercury , the principle of liquidity, and salt , the principle of incorruptibility and consistency. High Renaissance to "to which belong Michelangelo's earlier works, Raphael's Roman works, and most of Leonardo de Vinci's works" Penguin Encyclopedia It then crossed the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean and India.

The start of the systematic trans-Atlantic transportation. Until slaves were shipped from Europe. See Published in as Il Principe The Prince The publication of Luther's ninety-five theses became the official launch of protestant christianity. The Bible was given priority over the church as the source of authority. The scope for religious disagreements multiplied as more and more people were able to read it for themselves. The movement for the reform of the Catholic universal church and the breakaway of protestant and reformed churches is called The Reformation.

Most treasure before came from Hispaniola, Porto Rica and Cuba. Hamilton William Tyndale's The New Testament in English printed in Germany and shipped into England against official hostility An anonymous herbal, an English translation of an unknown manuscript, published by the London printer, Richard Banckes, was the first English printed herbal. It was small, without illustrations, and therefore relatively cheap.

Alphabetical list followed by groups of plants for specific purposes and by plants for a pleasure garden. First clear indication of gardens solely for pleasure in Britain.

  1. Beyond Science Wars: The Missing Discourse about Science and Society.
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  3. Introduction;
  4. 1. Historicist Conceptions of Rationality: The Battle of the Big Systems?

Amongst the plants were "Rosers" Harvey The first printed copy was in see Galileo. Ecclesiasticus calls on people to flourish flower "as the rose garden", sing a song of praise. Division of labour and manufacture: "That co-operation which is based on division of labour, assumes its typical form in manufacture, and is the prevalent characteristic form of the capitalist process of production throughout the manufacturing period properly so called.

That period, roughly speaking, extends from the middle of the 16th to the last third of the 18th century ". Marx chapter One of Marx's main examples is the division of labour in the manufacture of needles. Compare Adam Smith and pins. See also Communist Manifesto. Elizabethan domestic architecture might use brick or stone or timber frames according to local materials. In London, narrow, timber framed houses commonly overhung the streets with each story wider than the one beneath.

In the second half of the sixteenth century the words negro and niger entered the English language. Niger meant black in Latin. From it derived Negro as black in Spanish and Portuguese. In the 15th century this had come to mean black people, especially African people from south of the Sahara.

New Series: "The Science Wars"

Due to colonial slavery , negro was also used for slaves, as when a writer in writes of "Spaniards, with their servants and Negroes". From the mid-sixteenth century, the Portuguese attempt to monopolise the trade in African slaves and the Spanish attempt to possess all of America apart from Brazil - see - were challenged by French , English , Dutch , Danish and Swedish adventurers. The flagship of the Hanseatic League , it could carry 1, men and had cannons to protect the Baltic trade. Palladio derived laws of architectural proportion for the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome.

He set out the principles for buildings in the "classical era" which has been dated as between and in England. According to Zygmunt Bauman and Timothy May, "It was roughly towards the end of the sixteenth century that in parts of western Europe" a picture of the social world as naturally ordered "began to fall apart". Bauman, Z. Before this time, they say, is "often referred to as 'pre-modern'. The modern period "established itself in the western world approximately three centuries ago" , so the 17th century is their century of transition.

In th history of social theory, we could relate the transition between "pictures of the social world" to the publication of Bodin's Six Livres de la Republique. Marx and Engels argued that one of the qualifications required by science is that its theories should start from material premises rather than theological ones.

In this sense, Bodin is one of the earliest founders of social science. Woodcut for May. In the woodcuts, astrological signs represent heaven above the earth. See and He was assassinated by a Catholic in James 6 of Scotland became James 1 of England Brick replacing timber : English Heritage describe brick buildings being built in 17th century London as small groups of two or three in streets, yards, and alleys, and as ribbon development along the main raods.

They were not just houses , but workshops, offices, shops, and taverns, each with a rear private space used either as a garden or as a backyard for trade or washing. Few survive. Natural astrology argued that the position of the stars influenced nature, judicial astrology that they influenced individuals and society. Astrology adopted the idea of crises : "When the moon comes to the 22 of Gemini, she shall there begin to work a dangerous crisis , or alteration.. Shakespeare 's Macbeth , cannot be dated precisely, but appears to many to be celebrating King James's ancestors and the Stuart accession to the throne in Some have suggested their are allusions to the Gunpowder plot.

Wikipedia The character of Lady Macbeth was used by Lombroso in as evidence for his conclusion that "violent women far exceed men in their ferocity and cruelly". Henry's widow initially acted as Regent for their son, Louis 13th. Under the guidance of his minister, Cardinal Richelieu, Henry 13th consolidated his royal power. An "absolute monarchy" was established in France in his reign and that of his son, Louis 14th.

It was dismissed in , and did not meet again until Francis Bacon was the Lord Chancellor of England from to Renamed the Oxford Botanic Garden in The next one so far south was in With a kitchen garden of all manner of herbs, roots and fruits, for meat or sauce used with us, and an orchard of all sort of fruitbearing trees and shrubs fit for our land. Together with the right ordering, planting and preserving of them and their uses and virtues Collected by John Parkinson Apothecary of London.

See Ptolemy and Copernicus. Notes on Hobbes and Galileo and Hobbes on Deductions from simple axioms The Latin edition engraving left was published in , making the book international. In the engraving, Aristotle discusses with Ptolemy holding an earth centred universe and Copernicus whose earth circles the sun If Copernicus was right , where is heaven?

In there were twenty two master printers of London - Some licensed, some not. Saint Simon refers to "the two English revolutions of the 17th century". One I take to be the civil war and the other the bloodless revolution of [See revolution]. It is not clear how much of he was imprisoned, but he was at liberty in He is still King - But from now on he is a king under duress. From June he was held by the army. May to October Peace of Westphalia - It is argued that the peace treaties recognised the territorial integrity of nation states.

From a German engraving published in Abolition of the monarchy and the House of Lords in England. Commonwealth established. Under the Commonwealth Filmer lost some of his property as a result of his loyalty to the king The Interregnum period between reigns was a republican period in the England, Ireland and Scotland, ending with the restoration of Charles 2nd in It distressed some of his previous supporters because it defended absolute rule , but not necessarily monarchical rule.

Hobbes watched the procession from his window. From , when he threw his chief minister into prison, until his death in , Louis 14 ruled personally. See his system of power and Wollstonecraft's comments imitation materials Roland Barthes : "the first vestimentary postiches date back to the rise of capitalism".

Postiche false can be used for a hairpiece. Louis 14 used hairpieces to supplement his thinning hair, before having his head completely shaved and wearing a wig. End of Hobbes returned to England. It was connected, according to the notions of those times, with generosity, sincerity, magnanimity, loyalty, and proved that the person who acted in this manner, was a gentleman, and not a puritan " Smith, A.

John Locke became a member Isaac Newton became a member Thomas Hobbes did not become a member. Trailblazing timeline To celebrate the th anniversary in - Articles published by the Royal Society. External link: Origins of probability and statistics See also probabiliy and statistics and demography Ed Stephan's A Sociology Timeline begins with the birth of John Graunt on In Graunt published his Observations on the Bills of Mortality which drew social conclusions from the tables of London deaths See words.

See index history of statistics "We have though perhaps too much at Random determined the number of the inhabitants of London to be about ,". February Announcement at an ordinary meeting of the Royal Society of the publication of Philosophical Transactions , which the society claims as the "world's first and longest-running journal of science". Philosophical Transactions was initially a project of Henry Oldenburg born about , died 5. The early journal consisted of letter-excerpts, reviews and summaries of recently-published books, and accounts of observations and experiments from European natural philosophers scientists.

After his death it continued to be produced by a succession of individual proprietors until , when the Royal Society took over financial responsibility for it. See Royal Society events to mark th anniversary and Philosophical Transactions: years of publishing at the Royal Society - and year birthday. See Plough Court. Sun Fire Office established in See insurance history. This supported absolute divine right of kings. It is known to have existed in the mid-eighteenth century. If so he would have kept it secret for fear of the king's police. Link to British Postal Museum and Archive.

The service used coffee houses and similar places as collecting points. Perihelion: Late November Notices in London Gazette the private Penny Post having been closed as unlawful, government officers would take it over, employing the same staff and using the same receiving houses, from Monday Summer For his safety, Locke left England to live in Holland. See also , , They translated a book published in French in Amsterdam in For a "perfect" understanding of fortifications, it was necessary to learn geometry, and the gentleman on the frontispiece left are pointing to geometric designs.

The Preface to my edition says the book is designed for people "addicted to the study of this part of the Mathematics, who have not the leisure or opportunity to read over the vast systems of voluminous writers It contains The Two Treatises has on its cover, but it and his Letter on Toleration were both in print by the autumn of Both were published anonymously.

This work he signed. By a lover of her sex. Part 1. London: "The Incapacity, if there be any, is acquired not natural; and none of their follies are so necessary, but that they might avoid them if they pleased themselves. King proposed using the number of houses where available to estimate the population.

There were 6, houses in Norwich City. He calculated a population of 28, This was calculated by multiplying by 4. Using figures like this, historians have concluded that Norwich was the second largest city in England after London. They passed to a George Wragg who built a few small rooms adjoining to the bath. Smith and Penel of Nottingham bought it and built stables and made a coach road to Matlock Bridge in , shortly afterwards the road was continued down the valley towards Cromford, and a passage blasted through the rock near Cromford opening communication with the southern part of Derbyshire.

Ron McKeown - The original Old Bath spring had it source feet above the river Derwent and early 20th century discharged about 10, gallons an hour into the swimming bath of the then Royal Hotel. The average temperature of the water is 68 derees farenheit 20 degrees celsius. By three springs had been discovered. The second supplied the New Bath and the third [Fountain] Bath. The Thermal Pool of the present Matlock Bath Aquarium is said to be fed with 20 degrees celsius water from a spring around 2, feet below ground at a rate of , gallons a day. See - - - - - - Peak District Information - brief history - asylums.

When nations kept figures from year to year time series in economics, weather or whatever, it made possible the production of graphs like the following which shows the British balance of trade from to Click on the picture to read the article by James Galbraith from which the graph comes. See also economic cycles - UK balance of payments crisis - and peaks and troughs of USA economic cycles.

The design for the dome was not agreed until and not completed until It had a small, two coloured purple and maroon flower, but a strong scent. Later named Lathyrus odoratus. The sweet pea self- fertilises and this led Francis Galton , in to select it for his experiments on hereditary transmission. See Winchester Journalism on "Courants". She gave her name to a style of architecture which was to last. Picture from Panoyre and Ryan p.

This is England's only classical cathedral. It speaks of proportion and reason as well as grandeur and adoration and was the tallest building in the City. See maths in the city. Povey's company used the Sun symbol as its firemark and was commonly known as the Sun Fire Office. In it formally became a partnership with that name. A separate department for "country" outside London policies was set up in First foreign agency started Its first major overseas market was in Germany. Business outside Europe in , with an agency at Smyrna in Turkey.

Since part of the Royal and Sun Alliance Group plc. Records at the Metropolitan Archives. The term Georgian is applied to architecture over a long period. Pictures from Panoyre and Ryan They are constructed of red brick. The last aurora to be seen so far south was in See - - Written by a Citizen who continued all the while in London. Never made public before Signed H.

Now attributed to Daniel Defoe. Between and , Daniel Defoe published A tour thro' the whole island of Great Britain, divided into circuits or journies. Bristol and Norwich , which came next to it in population, had in the s probably no more than 30, inhabitants. Persons and Periods p Cole and Postgate , chapter one [The photograph below was taken by Kirsty Smith It closed in , and in an inventory of what was in the factory was made. This shows that everything produced was for the African trade - probably to be exchanged for slaves.

Dalrymple and Horton Birchall - Bristol museums - Paul Townsend. At this date a new variation occurred, one which sparked off the interest of the workers in the industrial towns and became one of the most popular of flowers. Today this flower, the 'Gold-Laced Polyanthus' has almost disappeared, though due to the tenacity of an American hybridist a new strain has been introduced.

The interest in the Gold Lace Polyanthus was immense, and remained so for almost a century, however by the early s they had been discarded and virtually died out. Harrison , who speaks of "an immense following especially in the industrial areas of Lancashire, Yorkshire and the Midlands" and suggests "the anomic workers drawn into the infant conurbations by the necessity of work, gained solace from their abject misery either by indulging in gin drinking, or by creating tiny gardens of plants which represented the freshness, freedom and beauty they had forsaken in search of a living.

Benjamin Franklin, and communicated in several letters to Mr. Peter Collinson was a merchant, born a Quaker , who traded with Philadelphia. Encyclopaedia or a systematic Dictionary of the sciences, arts and trades, by a society of men of letters. Put in order and published by M Diderot. The mathematical part by M. It contained 74, articles written by more than authors. Peter Collinson was one of those who proposed him.

Economic cycles Jevons calculated that, between and , commerical crises went in cycles with about The crises were - - - - - - - - - - - Industrial revolution. Steam Steam came to power the machines that were developing fast particularly in textile industries of England and Scotland , creating factories where people worked to the rhythm of the machine. Piston steam engines had been used to pump water since the end of the 17th century. In James Watt repaired a model of a steam engine designed by Thomas Newcombe. In the s, Watt created more powerful engines by condensing the steam in a vessel separate from the cylinder.

These made steam engines an alternative to water wheels, and moved industry from the side of highland streams to lowland coal-fields.

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In s America and Britain, steam was first used to power paddle boats. The first rail- running steam carriages appeared in the first years of the 19th century. The revolutionary impact of steam became clear to everyone in Britain in the s and s as a network of railways was constructed, affecting every aspect of people's lives. Tennyson explained it to masses of English speaking readers six years before Marx and Engels explained it to small groups of revolutionaries in Europe. Reise durch verschiedene Provinzen des Russischen Reichs Journey through various provinces of the Russian Empire , by the German naturalist Peter Simon Pallas, was published in three volumes between and Pallas found mammoth and rhinoceros preserved in the Siberian ice, including ones with their hairy hides preserved.

These beasts became known as "woolly". Bones of rhinos, hippos and elephants had been found in Germany and other parts of Europe. In Russia, Pallas was also shown such bones. He was inclined to explain these as remains of tropical animals washed north by Noah's flood. The ice finds were actual carcasses and their overcoat suggested they were natives of the cold. See John J.

Pageant: James Albert Ukawsaw Gronniosaw's life narrative. Shown here on the front of Asa Brigg's book of industrial revolution images - linking to the Crystal Palace , which was made of glass plate set in a framework of cast iron. A language for chemistry provided by books like Louis Bernard Guyton de Morveau Method of chymical nomenclature, proposed by Messrs. To which is added, A new system of chymical characters adapted to the nomenclature by Mess. Hassenfratz and Adet ; translated from the French and the new chymical names added to the genius of the English language by James St.

John New words entering English at this time include nitrate for the salt of nitric acid and sulphate for a salt of sulphuric acid. This was the French representative body like Parliament in England. But it had not met since The King hoped that it would enable him to raise new taxes.

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February A society called the Friends of the Negro formed in Paris to campaign for the abolition of the French slave trade. Its members included people like Brissot, Mirabeau, Petion, Condorcet and Abbe Gregoire who were to become leading figures in the early years of the French revolution. Written by himself.