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But if you are not an EU or EEA national, you must have a work visa to work as a Language Assistant in Poland unless your stay will be less than 3 months. Our team is very experienced with this process and will help you obtain a visa if you require one. But in a nutshell: There are two steps to obtaining a Polish work visa. Next, you take the work permit, your passport, and a few other documents to the nearest Polish consulate or embassy and receive a work visa. Alternatively, you can travel to Poland and submit the documents at a local Immigration Office and obtain a Residence Permit. This is paid for up front by us, and will be deducted from your stipend.

If you are applying outside of Poland, you must also pay the consulate fee, which varies from country to country. For example, in the U. As of now, you can still freely live and work in Poland without a visa, but unfortunately nobody can say for sure about the future. Essentially, you should be fine unless something goes horribly wrong.

Polish work visas are always tied to the employer that arranged the work permit. Many of our Language Assistants do private tutoring on the side to earn extra money. Not at all. Your visa is through English Wizards and not the school or program where you are working. If you are having issues in the classroom and wish to leave, we can arrange to move you somewhere else with little hassle.

You will never get deported, you will only lose your working privileges and will still be welcome to stay in Europe for a period of time.


All Language Assistants are provided with free accommodation in the center of the city! You will have your own bedroom and share a common area with other Language Assistants. The apartments are fully equipped and furnished, with fast WiFi and heating to get you through the Polish winter. Just like the locals, of course!

What is an English Language Assistant (ELA)?

Navigating Polish cities is very easy, as Poland has a well developed and reliable public transportation system, with buses, trams, and in the case of Warsaw, a metro. Your Community Manager can show you how to obtain one of these. Not at all! You will quickly get to meet the other Wizards working in your city through our Facebook group and regular social events.

All cities in Poland where we have Language Assistants and Wizards working in are very cosmopolitan and have vibrant expat scenes. These communities of fellow foreigners are usually very friendly, with Facebook groups and regular meetups to welcome newcomers to the city. The level of English spoken by Poles is very high, so the language barrier is rarely a problem when meeting locals. In many cities, Community Managers also organize language exchanges, which are a perfect opportunity to mingle with locals, expats, and fellow Language Assistants and Wizards.

All Language Assistants receive a monthly living stipend in the first week of each month. Language Assistants can choose to teach up to 10 hours per week and receive a stipend of PLN per month, or teach up to 20 hours per week and receive PLN per month. You will receive the full stipend for your agreed hours irregardless of how much you actually work.

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We will only intervene if the school is asking you to do something that is against our guidelines. If your school has asked you to teach more hours than you agreed upon, let us know and we will provide you with an extra 30PLN pay per additional hour. Keep in mind that you are never required to accept extra hours, and if the school management says otherwise, they are going against their agreement. Welcome events, trivia nights, pub crawls, and other events to get to know your fellow Language Assistants and Wizards.

Language Assistants who perform well in the classroom can move on to a full teaching position in our Teach Abroad program.

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Is that enough to live on in Poland? Our Language Assistant program serves to provide young Poles with the opportunity to be immersed in English language conversational classes and activities with native speakers of English. As such, in order to be a Language Assistant you must be a native speaker. That is, English must have been the primary language you spoke growing up. We can accept non-native speakers of English on a case-by-case basis, provided you possess the same fluency of English as a native speaker and have no noticeable accent.

We are very firm with this requirement, even more so than for our other programs. Language Assistants must provide locals with full immersion in the English language and Anglo culture. If you hold citizenship from outside the Anglosphere, you must be able to prove that you can provide the same level of linguistic and cultural immersion as a native. To participate in our our Language Assistant program, you do not require a visa if;. Our team will guide you through this process. To be eligible for a visa as a Language Assistant, you must;. Our Language Assistants program is meant to be open to anyone looking to work abroad, share their culture, and get some hands-on teaching experience.

However, we still require that our Language Assistants meet the bare minimum requirements that we require for all English Wizards programs. Become a Language Assistant.

My Experience as a Language Assistant - Emma Murphy

Experience Europe like the locals. Our Language Assistant program in Poland offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience life in Europe first-hand while participating in a unique exchange of language and culture. Language Assistant. What does that mean? Is there a minimum amount of time I need to commit to working with English Wizards? Do I have a choice over where I end up working? I've been offered a position at a school, but it's not exactly what I'm looking for. Can you offer me something else? How long will it be between when I apply and when I can start?

Language Assistants play an important role at Wellesley College. Their presence benefits not only our students, but the campus community as a whole, by providing direct access to diverse cultures and world views. Skip to main content. July Are you teaching English or anything else in Spain? We will cover key information about contracts, hours, holidays, pay and more.

More details to follow! Teaching in Spain?

Teach English in Spain as a Language Assistant with Meddeas

Know your rights! Rachel Clare July British auxiliaries I'm currently paying 64 euros a month for insurance with a company called Dr. Anisha Sharma February 6. Marta Yanguas shared a link. November 30, Work Experience in Spain — Language Assistants in Private Schools Are you a last-year student or recent graduate looking for a valuable professional experience in Spain?

Change your language or use multiple languages

Learners' English levels range from beginner to advanced -No fees attached Doubts? Send an email to candidates meddeas. Apply today: Meddeas offers different teaching English abroad programs suited to diverse interests. Spanish language skills or experience are not required. Teach english abroad with Meddeas.

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